Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So he looks good on paper

Ok, so after my last post, I decided to do some research as to what
Barack Obama is about. I read this and let me tell you, he is pretty damn good on paper. But isn't that what all politicians are supposed to be like?? I mean, if they have anything bad on their platform, no one's going to vote for them, right??
So I checked out John McCain. He is nowhere near as eloquent or convincing (conniving???) as Obama.
Here's my take, and please excuse my ignorance as I do not follow politics. In fact, as more people began to support Obama, I actually started to go toward McCain's side. It's in my personality. I tend to root for the bad guy. I stray from the "fan favourite". I always think that there has to be a strong reason as to why a person would want to go against society and create this tarnished persona where they are willing to take butt of the deal. It takes guts to not try to be the good guy in the situation. They might not always be doing the right thing at the moment, but they believe that they are working for the better. "The end result always justifies the means". As long as it's not selfish, i'm actually rooting for them. Maybe I'm tainted......meh. My blog, my opinion. But anyways, i'm straying.
So, yea, Barack Obama is saying what the people want to hear, and John McCain believes that George Bush's policy is ok, and he is basically going to follow it. Ok, Americans, who might be reading my blog, (although i'm pretty sure no one reads my blog except for John and Meli) Again, I apologise for my ignorance. But you guys do get a bad rep. And I believe it. I believe that most Americans out there are as dim witted and easily influenced and manipulated as they are portrayed to be. So, when everyone started to jump on Barck's bandwagon, I was surprised. Firstly, I thought he got so much support because he was black. Alot of the support he was getting was because he would be the first black president. I mean woo-hoo, that would be great, but how many of them actually know what he stands for. But again, whatever, my ignorance, my blog, my opinion. Then because he was getting alot of support because of his un-George Bush way of thinking. So, people were looking for a way out of George Bush's hold. But with survey's done prior to this election, I think that there was little percentage difference with American's and opinions as to how George Bush was doing. I mean, the last election w/ that other non-George Bush guy, didn't he promise to get the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, albeit, he did have alot of the same policies of George Bush, I think that was one of the different points. So, wouldn't it make more sense to have the greater evil out of office and take the lesser evil? But whatever, I'm sure American's took more consideration into their decisions.
Ok, again straying. So, I believe that once people started jumping on Barack's bandwagon, people were blindly influenced again and started jumping on it too, simple because it was anti-George Bush. Hell, that would have been my decision from the beginning. Anything anti-Goerge Bush is a good enough reason to change a vote.
My main point, is just to know, if all these people who voted for Barack Obama, actually know 3 valid points on his platform. Another thing, how does he plan to execute them? Educate my ignorant self please.
FYI......if I were an American I would have voted for Barack. Simply because I have no idea why McCain would choose Palin as a running mate. She's crazy.


Melissa said...

OK, I got something to say and I have a feeling that you were waiting for this response. And yes I can answer all your questions because unlike you I love politics. So I’ll break it down like this for you. The election came down to three things – the war (in which the US started), the economy, and the environment.

Democrat’s said:
– they would pull the troops out ASAP. It would not be an immediate withdrawal but a slow process eventually ending in 2012 with all the troops back home, unless of course they start another war somewhere else.
– They introduced a stimulus package and rebalance the budget. This would minimize the effects of the economy at present and eventually allow it to bounce back.
– They would invest in green initiatives and support the Kyoto protocol
* He plans to implement these initiatives by reducing the defense budget.

Republicans said:
- they would keep the troops in Iraq & Afghanistan for up to 100 years if necessary to ‘win’ this war on terror.
- They introduced and implemented the multi billion dollar bailout package, which ultimately failed. And by McCain’s own admission he knows nothing about economy and cannot present a plan until after being elected.
- They would invest in green initiatives and support the Kyoto protocol
*He had no real plan because he had no real changes.

He picked Sarah Palin for 2 reasons:
1. She would bring in the female vote. She was ‘supposed’ to appeal to the working mother and the middle class.
2. She would bring in the extreme republicans. Her views on abortion, gay rights and gun laws are representative of old school republican thinking. She was supposed to attract the republicans that McCain lost because of his ‘liberalism’.

Hope that helps.

Melissa said...

I forgot to add – of course some people only voted for him because he was black. But there are also people that didn’t vote for him for the same reason. Race was a huge part of this election and it is the only reason that this race was as followed as it was. It was interesting because it was a black man running, and it was historical because a black man won.