Thursday, October 16, 2008

My attitude is tattooed

That means it's permanent
so I guess we should address it, huh?


♥ last :
O1 Person you saw: well, i'm seeing people now actually
O2 Time you talked to on the phone: just now, to Sales
O3 Message over facebook: to nikki

♥ today :
O1 What are you doing now: this.
O2 What are you wearing right now: pants, tank top and shirt
O3 Better than yesterday? meh, it's all the damn same nowadays

♥ tmrw :
O1 Is: Friday, woohoo, wonderland
O2 Got any plans: helloooo, WONDERLAND!!!!
O3 Dislikes about tomorrow: i have work :(

♥ favourite :
O1 Number: trois
O2 Song: swagger like us
O4 Color: pink
O4 Season: summer

♥ ATM :
O1 Missing: Seria
O2 Mood: that a mood
O3 Wanting: to leave work

O1 I like to cuddle - True
O2 I am a morning person - nada
O3 I am a perfectionist - nada
O4 I am an only child - falseto
O5 I am currently in pajamas - false
O6 I am very shy with the opposite gender - true
O7 I can be paranoid at times - true
O8 I enjoy country music - false
O9 I love smoothies - true
1O I enjoy talking on the phone - false
11 I have a hard time paying attention at school - True
12 I have a hidden talent - falseto
13 I have all my grandparents - false :(
14 I have been told that I have a sense of humor - false
15 I have broken a bone - false
16 I have changed a lot over the past year - false :(
17 I have done something illegal - true
18 I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color - false
19 I have had surgery - does having a baby count, if not false

O1 Can you blow a bubble? si
O2 Can you dance? si senorrrr
O3 Can you do a cart wheel? nope
O4 Can you tie a cherry stem with ur tongue? yes
O5 Can you touch your toes? no *hangs head in shame*
O6 Can you whistle? yes
O7 Can you wiggle your ears? no
O8 Can you wiggle your nose? nope

O1 Ever get into a fist fight in school? nope
O2 Ever run away from home? no
O3 Ever want to be a doctor? no sirrrr, i hate blood
O4 Ever want to be a fire fighter? nada, but go out w/ one, HELL YEAH!!!!

O1 Believe in God? hmmmm
O2 Know how to swim? yes
O3 Like roller coasters? no
O4 have a bike? no

O1 Hair loss run through your family? no
O2 Your car get good gas mileage? it's aighhttt
O3 Your family have family picnics? does river lime count???

O1 Been on a plane? yup
O2 Asked someone out? nope
O3 Been asked out by someone? yup
O4 Been to the ocean? yup
O5 Gone fishing? yessirr
O6 Painted your nails? painted? w/ paint? no. w/ nail polish? yes

HOW ?!
O1 Tall are you? 5'5 .
O2 Much money do you have in your pocket right now? nada.

O1 Person you hung out with? meli after class on tuesday
O2 Thing you said out loud? why do Canadian airports start w/ y's and z's??
O3 Thing someone said to you? google it

O1 Is the temperature outside? cold mayan
O2 Radio station do you listen to? ipod
O3 The last restaurant you ate at? chili's......delish
O4 The last thing you bought? an outfit for picture day
O5 The last thing you had to drink? tea
O6 The last thing on tv you watched? the o.c

O1 The last person you talked to on the phone? a client
O2 Your current crush? confidential
O3 The last person you took a picture of? seria....i think
O4 The last person you said i love you to? my dad

♥ Crying section .
O1 Ever really cried your heart out? yup
O2 Ever cried yourself to sleep? no
O3 Ever cried on your friend's shoulder? no
O4 Ever cried over the opposite sex? yes
O5 Do you cry when you get an injury? not really
O6 Certain songs make you cry? did
O7 I'm crybaby? recently, yes

♥ Happy section .
O1 Are you a happy person? psshhhhh
O2 What can make you happy? Seria
O3 Do you wish you were happier? yes
O4 Can music make you happy? it cheers me up sometimes

♥ Love section .
O1 How many times have you had your heart broken? one too many
O2 Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them? yup
O3 Has anyone besides your friends and family ever said " i love you" to you? yes

♥ Hate section .
O1 Do you actually hate, anyone? yes
O2 Have you ever been on a hate list? not sure, but i'm sure i have
O3 Are you a mean bully? it depends who you ask

♥ Self esteem section .
O1 Is your self-esteem extremely low? yes
O2 Do you believe in yourself? nope
O3 Do you wish you can be someone else? nah
O4 What is your current hair color? does ugly constitute a color
O5 Current piercings? 4
O6 Have any tattoos? yup
O7 Straight hair or curly? straight

♥ Curently wearing .
O1 What shirt are you wearing? a white one
O2 Pants? slacks
O3 Shorts? no
O4 Shoes? ballet-esque type slippers
O5 Necklace? yup

♥ This or That ?
O1 Rock or rap: r&b
O2 Coffee or hot cocoa: coffee
O3 Wild night out or romantic night: romance mang
O4 Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
O5 Hummer or sports car? i like fast cars
O6 Bracelet or necklace: diamonds
O7 History or science: math
O8 Sleep in or early to rise: sleep innnnn
O9 Beach or boardwalk: beach
1O Hoodie or tee shirt: hoodie
11 High school or college? nada
12 California or florida: Cali
13 Love at first sight or learn to love: lust at firt sight, then learn to love, HAHAHAHA

♥ Have you ever ..
O1 Kissed the same sex? yup
O2 Hugged someone? yupper
O3 Been on the phone until the sun came up? yes
O4 Laughed so hard you peed in your pants? no
O5 Got in a fight with someone? no

♥ The lasts .
O1 Person you talked to in person? ACW people
O2 Person you talked to online? Nikki
O3 Person you talked to on the phone? A client
O4 Time you had a shower? Yesterday

♥ Random ..
O1 Do you like surveys? yea
O2 What kind of shampoo do you use? currently, head and shoulders
O3 Do you get along with your parents? mostly
O4 Do you have mental breakdowns? all the timeeeeee

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Grouch Day!!!


Semi annual rant

So, I was watching this show w/ my mom the other night. She's on this OLN kick, and she loves to watch travelling shows about these Canadian young adults going off to far away and exotic lands. That is unless she's not watching Russel Petters. I don't really get him. Will explain that in some other post. Well, anyways, I don't remember the show we were watching, but this guy went to Myanmar, Burma. He met this little girl there who spoke english. Turns out she spoke 5 other languages too!! I think they were french, german, spanish, italian and japanese. Now, here's this little girl, who not older than 11, already somewhat fluent in 6 languages with no formal education. As she was showing him around, he asked her if she was a student, you know in school. To which she responded (this is the part where you break out the kleenex) "No, right now, I work, when I older I go to school. My mother can't afford school, so I work". This little girl, at not even 13, has managed to learn 6 languages by herself, and she's wasting her life away making cigarettes!!! The dude even says what everyone who's watching right now is thinking; "the kids where he come from have to be forced to go to school, and here, this little girl wants to go to school (with so much potential!!) and she can't afford to. It's not a right."
That rant was only half of my point. Yesterday, Canada had an election. Only 58% of eligible voters went out to vote. When that point was brought up to some of my co-workers they responded by saying "Well, look at the options, who would want to vote for those guys". WTF?!?!?!?! We get the right to free vote! We get some choice of who we want. We can make mother frickin' difference!! And your bloody response is "look at our options". No, if you really want to look at your options, look at Africa, where they've been under the rule a monster for the last 10 years and they can't even nominate other candidates! Look at twhen they goto the polls, they are fearful for their lives that, b/c voters are being shot, stabbed, killed even for their vote. They know their vote makes a difference, and they are willing to put their lives on the line for that difference. Some Canadians can't even get off the lazy asses to go to the polls that are open until 9:30 pm, to accomodate everyone, to make a change.
You people should be ashamed of yourselves. And I for sure do not want to hear any of you ingrates complaining about the gov't. Go f*ck urselves before you even think about it.
Done rant.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I got a diarrhea......

Baby came home on Saturday with a bag full of goodies. When I was in the shower, I heard her talking to my parents outside, telling them what she got in the bag. Then, she comes bursting in saying "mommy, mommy, i got a diarrhea!!!"!! Following my instinct, I told her to go potty. "It's ok, honey, go potty and it'll make you feel better". So she goes on the potty, and then says, I don't have to go. But I thought she just told me that she had to go. So I say "But I thought you said you have diarrhea". She says she does. She leaves the bathroom, and comes back in with a book. She holds it up and says "Look at my diarrhea". It turn out, she got a diary.


My not so secret crush

Like dots between them letters N.E.R.D.!

My not so secret crush......

U wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me....

Damn Right I do!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Why heellllooooooo officer.......

So, I got pulled over for speeding a couple weeks ago. I usually notice the speed traps a distance away and especiallly since this is so close to my house!! However, I was pissed off about my daughter's orientation at her school and other reasons, perphaps to be explained later....maybe not. Anyways, the cop was really nice and ended up reducing my ticket so I wouldn't get any points (*whew*). I had just gotten over a speeding ticket from 3 years ago and my record was going to be clean, and now this shit happens. But whatever. SO there are like maybe 4-5 cops at this speed trap, just randomly pulling over people, and one of them walks by (while I wait for my cop to write up my ticket) and lets me know that my sticker on my license plate is on the wrong side. I wait for my cop to come back and ask him about it. Apparently, there is a fine for that as well, but he's gonna let me slide. Whatever. Go fight some crime. Then when I had finihsed with my bitch ass cop, the other one who was citing another poor unfortunate driver like myself smiled as he walked by.
Let me just tell you, if you know anything about me (and you should by now), you know that I have a weakness for men in uniform. Not like Tim Hortons or Micke Dees, but someone w/ authority. Me likes the powerful men dem.
So, I smiled back at the bastard. Plus, he was nice enough to point out that my sticker was wrong. Prick. Go catch a crook. He then decides to come over and talk to me. Hello Officer........
Basically, he tries to pick me up. Can't say no to a cop, so I gave him my number. We were supposed to go out for coffee, but our schedules conflicted. So no Mr. Officer for me. Doesn't matter anywyas, because I miss Officer Natt....or Nat....or Knatt....Well, whatever, Officer Looking-Good-but-probably-married-and-somewhat-psycho-but-nonetheless-drop-dead-gorgeous.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The financial burden of being single

Sometimes it seems that it's a couple's world.

Hotel rates are based on double occupancy and if you're single and planning to take a vacation at a resort, you'll often have to pay a premium to sleep alone.

In fact, there's resort chain that doesn't even allow singles.

Canadian singles also can have a more difficult financial journey than their hitched compatriots.

There were some 3.3 million one-person households in 2006, and the number of singles in Canada is growing.

Singles say they like the freedom they have to manage their finances by themselves without interference from someone else.

But they also admit they'll likely have to keep working longer because they need the income and access to health benefits.

"One of the big concerns for singles, particularly for women, is the fear of outliving their money," says Patricia Lovett-Reid, Senior Vice President with TD Waterhouse. "Nine out of 10 women at some time in their lives will be totally responsible for their financial future. Their concern is not so much where their money will come from, but that they will outlive it. Singles, unlike couples, have no fall-back position."

Couples have a number of financial benefits that singles don't. (Singles, by the way, refers to people who have never married or become single because of the death of a spouse or partner. Becoming single through divorce or separation is another issue).

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of being a couple is the new rule allowing them to split their incomes and significantly reduce the amount of tax they pay.

A couple also might receive two rather than one set of government assistance programs such as the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security.

If both partners worked and had employer-sponsored plans, a couple will have a huge advantage over a single in retirement with two pensions.

If one of the spouses dies, assets most likely will pass to the survivor, including RRSPs, RRIFs, pensions, CPP, non-registered investments, and in some cases, insurance policies.

The onus to save and take control of their financial future is greater on singles than it is on couples.

There's an old saying that two can live cheaper than one. In fact, expenses such as utilities, property taxes and housing costs in retirement for a single person are about the same as for a couple.

On the savings side, the single person doesn't have the advantage of a second pension or set of government assistance programs like a couple.

The good news is that as long as you've got income, you've got an opportunity to save.

Even if you're single and getting close to retirement, one of your key goals still should be to maximize your retirement savings.

If you're not contributing the maximum to your RRSP, it's never too late to start. Besides offering tax sheltered growth, RRSP contributions are tax deductible in the year you make them and the tax refund can be used to generate additional savings.

If you are able to participate in an employer-sponsored pension or other kind of plan, make sure you're making the most of any benefits, such as automatic payroll RRSP deductions or participating in an employee stock purchase program.

Whether by choice or not, leaving a job usually results in a substantial cash payout. Used wisely, that payment can help to supercharge your retirement savings.

Another idea is to see if you can take a hobby or what you do in your spare time into an income-generating activity.

One of the best and perhaps most overlooked ways to save money is to reduce spending.

"The real issue is not how much you make, but how much you spend," says Lovett-Reid. "We are seeing singles starting to save earlier and becoming more cautious about taking on debt."

Although the single life has many benefits, taking control of your financial future is your responsibility, and yours alone.