Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have no problem with you f*cking me

But I do have a problem with you not f*cking me.....

Scratch that, I do a pretty good job of f*cking myself.....over, that is.
In regards to my money cutting back ways, I've have come to realise that saving money is difficult. I know, I know, this revelation should have already dawned upon me, but lo and behold......i am slow or ignorant or something where I tend to see thing my way, and quite frankly, saving money wasn't my thing. Until now.
I am broker than broke. I gave Meli to hold onto my credit card (well the one w/ the most spending capabilites) so that I wouldn't spen anymore. That lasted all of two days. My emergency credit card is now maxed out again on non-emergencies. And I do have an emergency (my car) that needs fixing now and no moolah.
I will be getting back some money from my taxes, however, I now have to pay for a maxed out credit card (which I do plan to give back to Meli) and my car and some other expenses I let pile up. I know for sure i'm not getting back nearly enough to pay for all that stuff. Instead, that money should've been put towards the principle of my loan, or even put towards my parents.
I think I really have a spending problem.

My new mantra is now:

Say it with me, act my wage, act my wage, act my wage, act my wage, act my wage, act my wage,......................

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

and it hurts with every heartbeat

So I haven't done one of these or one of these in a while, primarily because One Tree Hill was (getting???) stupid and The Hill was on hiatus. But One Tree Hill (which will be referred to as OTH from this point on) came back last night, and I usually choose Heroes over that show, but Heroes was a repeat and OTH looked like a new episode, so I took the bait.

First of all, One Tree Hill was still stupid. It's always so damn happily ever after shiz. I gag whenever Haley and Nathan come on. I can't stand them. How are they a successful basketball player and singer. Aren't all professional basketball players expected to have finished college. Ok, singing you don't require an education, but she was also a high school teacher!! WTH, I know that requires an education!!! ANyways, after throwing up, there's Peyton and Lucas. So, Peyton is pregnant and now she's given the ultimatum that if she goes trhough w/ the pregnancy, she might die. Lucas wants her to end the pregnancy and she's adamant about keeping the baby. At the end, they decided to keep the baby and risk it. I hope Peyton dies. I don't mean to sound mean, I just think that would be awesome. I personally think it would be a great way to end the show i.e. Jenn dying on Dawson's Creek. Then, there's Brooke. I love Brooke. She needs a happy ending.

At this point I usually go to sleep, b/c i'm not really a big The City fan, but I was like, what the hey. Initially, I tried to get into it, but it's so painful to watch. And not for the reasons you and you think. It's just like she's this little kitten and she's being thrown into the lions den to fend for herself. This was the season finale and I liked it. I actually think it was one of the better episodes. LC was in it. That was enjoyable. But basically, Whit kicked Jay to the curb mannnnnn. Even after he dropped the "l" word. WICKEDDDDD. Props to my girl Whit. Hopefully Ally takes Whitney's lead as an example as how to handle stupid bf's. Instead, she decides to move back in w/ her cheating ex. Whaever. She needs to eat. Then Adam yelled at Erin for interferring in the rel'p. I totally agree w/ him, b/c their (Adam and Ally) rel/p is b/w them.

My favorite quotes in this, in the whole show:
DVF (the motherfrickin' designer) telling Whitney: "The only relationship that matters in the end, is you relationship with yourself."

DVF to Whits agagin: "Absence to a relationship is like wind to fire. If the relationship is little and weak, the wind will snuff it out. If the relationship is strong and big (like), the absence will make it go help it become something more."


P.S., I'm glad they played this song as she was walking away from Jay

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mammi got an a** like a donkey

uno, dos, tres, quatro

I know this is a post about pitbull (well not so much a post as a filler) but can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with this chick.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 sapadilla and a 9 inch banana

So Meli does this random thought Tuesday thingie, so I have decided to do a random thought on a random day type thingie too.

1. My mother's family. Can I tell you how they piss me off so. One of my dad's best friends sister died yesterday in Trinidad. This would be the fourth or fifth death in so many months. That's one family that's having trying times, and my heart goes out to them all. Now, my mother's stinkin family, the issues that lie within them go back as far as I can remember. Now maybe it's because they there are alot of children in the family (in mine, we only have Meli and me, so we really can't take sides. I think the last time we really really fought Meli moved out, so I won that fight :D), or that they are spoiled, or maybe even because they are healthy and no one thinks they are going to die anytime soon, but whatever the reason may be, they love causing dramam within that family. Now, my dad comes from a big family as well, and they do fight. But they make up just as much as Meli and I do, even between all 6 of their siblings. Maybe it's the space between them. They're spread out all over the place, as opposed to my moms who live closely in Trinidad and Canada. Whatever, they need to grow the hell up and start acting like family. As soon as one of them passes away, I'm not even sure that they would start talking again. They don't realise that they have family and they should cherish it instead of taking advantage of it. Just grow up already. Life is to short to hold grudges.

2. I got my arms waxed on Friday. Meli had gotten hers done for her wedding and it lasted fairly long. She said we were just going to get it priced. When we got there she lied and wanted to get it done. While she was getting hers done, she didn't even flinch. Then it was my turn. IT HURT LIKE A BITCH!!! But I did it. And I have to admit, it looks nice. But it has started growing back already.

3. Baby was reading a Robert Munsch book and it had a picture of the CN Tower made of sand. She pointed it out and identified it. Them she pointed out some other stuff, and was like "it's a big clock" So I corrected her and said "no, it's called Big Ben". She then replied, "I know and it's in London, England. I watch tv you know."

4. Baby was sick and therefore was pale. She asked me to look at her hands and then I said that they looked "white". She suddenly started crying and I asked why. She then said in between fits of crying that she didn't want to be albino and she was going to die when she goes into the sun.

That's it!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello, my name is llleeesssaaa.......

.....and I am a spendaholic.

Not shopaholic, because, not only do I crave designer ANYTHING, I crave spending money. On food, on clothes, on gym memberships for gyms that I don't go to anymore, on blockbuster movies and library book that are always returned late. If there is a sure fire way to spend money (or in some cases lose i.e. getting an $50 speeding ticket, but not paying it and then having a $250 fee to re-instate my license because of the unpaid ticket), I have done it.

Now I am in debt.

We have decided that since we both have approximately the same amount of debt, we will do this together. We did not accumulate the debt the same way, though. Her hubby and myself think along the same lines, only he makes double what I make, and they have a mortgage to pay for, and payments on the car, and they are raising twins. Key word there, is "THEY" as oppossed to just me, who lives at home with my parents and my car is basically paid off for.

So, yeah, this is going to be an interesting journey.

She already has plans of cutting back and saving, and even earning extra income meanwhile I have just spent $302 on Disney on Ice tickets, and I now have to fix my car, which is going to cost $1,000.

Yup, interesting indeed.