Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 sapadilla and a 9 inch banana

So Meli does this random thought Tuesday thingie, so I have decided to do a random thought on a random day type thingie too.

1. My mother's family. Can I tell you how they piss me off so. One of my dad's best friends sister died yesterday in Trinidad. This would be the fourth or fifth death in so many months. That's one family that's having trying times, and my heart goes out to them all. Now, my mother's stinkin family, the issues that lie within them go back as far as I can remember. Now maybe it's because they there are alot of children in the family (in mine, we only have Meli and me, so we really can't take sides. I think the last time we really really fought Meli moved out, so I won that fight :D), or that they are spoiled, or maybe even because they are healthy and no one thinks they are going to die anytime soon, but whatever the reason may be, they love causing dramam within that family. Now, my dad comes from a big family as well, and they do fight. But they make up just as much as Meli and I do, even between all 6 of their siblings. Maybe it's the space between them. They're spread out all over the place, as opposed to my moms who live closely in Trinidad and Canada. Whatever, they need to grow the hell up and start acting like family. As soon as one of them passes away, I'm not even sure that they would start talking again. They don't realise that they have family and they should cherish it instead of taking advantage of it. Just grow up already. Life is to short to hold grudges.

2. I got my arms waxed on Friday. Meli had gotten hers done for her wedding and it lasted fairly long. She said we were just going to get it priced. When we got there she lied and wanted to get it done. While she was getting hers done, she didn't even flinch. Then it was my turn. IT HURT LIKE A BITCH!!! But I did it. And I have to admit, it looks nice. But it has started growing back already.

3. Baby was reading a Robert Munsch book and it had a picture of the CN Tower made of sand. She pointed it out and identified it. Them she pointed out some other stuff, and was like "it's a big clock" So I corrected her and said "no, it's called Big Ben". She then replied, "I know and it's in London, England. I watch tv you know."

4. Baby was sick and therefore was pale. She asked me to look at her hands and then I said that they looked "white". She suddenly started crying and I asked why. She then said in between fits of crying that she didn't want to be albino and she was going to die when she goes into the sun.

That's it!


Meli said...

So many words but not enough space. So I'll keep this short.

#1 - you did not win!! I won!! I didn't have to share my clothes with you anymore.

#2 - is because you are part monkey.

#3 - Gotta love little Einsteins and Treehouse.

#4 - Damn! If that is the case Uncle is doomed!!

newer said...

1. I just stopped talking to my mother's family. After a lifetime, I had had enough.
2. hahahahhahahahhahahha!! (btw, I do my entire face, sideburns everything and the folks are amazed that I can take it)
3. Yeah, soon enough will be the day when we realize that they really ARE smarter than us.

newer said...

Also, I finished doing a random thought post too and I clicked here and saw you did one too!! That's because great minds think alike. . .which is to say that great minds think like and copy Meli :P

leeesssaaa said...

True say Nic.....hahahha