Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Semi annual rant

So, I was watching this show w/ my mom the other night. She's on this OLN kick, and she loves to watch travelling shows about these Canadian young adults going off to far away and exotic lands. That is unless she's not watching Russel Petters. I don't really get him. Will explain that in some other post. Well, anyways, I don't remember the show we were watching, but this guy went to Myanmar, Burma. He met this little girl there who spoke english. Turns out she spoke 5 other languages too!! I think they were french, german, spanish, italian and japanese. Now, here's this little girl, who not older than 11, already somewhat fluent in 6 languages with no formal education. As she was showing him around, he asked her if she was a student, you know in school. To which she responded (this is the part where you break out the kleenex) "No, right now, I work, when I older I go to school. My mother can't afford school, so I work". This little girl, at not even 13, has managed to learn 6 languages by herself, and she's wasting her life away making cigarettes!!! The dude even says what everyone who's watching right now is thinking; "the kids where he come from have to be forced to go to school, and here, this little girl wants to go to school (with so much potential!!) and she can't afford to. It's not a right."
That rant was only half of my point. Yesterday, Canada had an election. Only 58% of eligible voters went out to vote. When that point was brought up to some of my co-workers they responded by saying "Well, look at the options, who would want to vote for those guys". WTF?!?!?!?! We get the right to free vote! We get some choice of who we want. We can make mother frickin' difference!! And your bloody response is "look at our options". No, if you really want to look at your options, look at Africa, where they've been under the rule a monster for the last 10 years and they can't even nominate other candidates! Look at twhen they goto the polls, they are fearful for their lives that, b/c voters are being shot, stabbed, killed even for their vote. They know their vote makes a difference, and they are willing to put their lives on the line for that difference. Some Canadians can't even get off the lazy asses to go to the polls that are open until 9:30 pm, to accomodate everyone, to make a change.
You people should be ashamed of yourselves. And I for sure do not want to hear any of you ingrates complaining about the gov't. Go f*ck urselves before you even think about it.
Done rant.

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Melissa said...

Its called being ungrateful and ignorant. Some people just don't realize how good they have it and just take things for granted.