Thursday, September 30, 2010

iPhone vs. BB

Ok, so Meli got a new BB the other day, not the torch but the curve, and I started playing with it. I got to say, it was quite fun. I especially liked that whole bb messenger option. Before I thought it was just like texting, and I was like, what's so great about that, but alas, I think that is great! Especially the smiley's.
The keys are alittle smaller than I like and it was difficult to type, but so was the iPhone at the beginning.
On the other hand, the iPhone is a computer, ipod and phone combined into one! Honestly it gets no better than that for functionality. The camera could be better though.
I love the apps because Babygirl can play with it to kill some time too. It has youtube, which again, kills time for Babygirl.
Plus, I don't really text that much anyways. But I think if I had a bb, Iwould ping everybody I know, just because I could, haha.
I love that option.
Maybe I will try to ping on text messages and see if it's the same affect, haha.

Anyways, I guess I will just stick to my iPhone for now.....holding out for the iPhone 4 once I get some extra flow and it becomes available. But I definitely will be pinging everyone with Meli's phone, so look out now.

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