Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's rearrange.....

I wish you were a stranger I could disengage
Random thought Thursday......because of her Random Thoughts Tuesday's.

☼ My mother thinks i'm a lesbian. I haven't had a boyfriend in god knows how long and I have two really good friends who are also single and I like to pinch my mother's butt. Well, not just her butt, I pinch her on her arms and legs too, but only because it's fun. I pinch my dad and my baby and Meli too. She's even gone as far as to get my grandmother in Trinidad to find "a good Trini boy" for me. No dice so far.

☼ My parents bought their own anniversary present. Meli and I were told that we have to get my parents a trip for my parents to Cuba. Since Meli paid for their trip to Bahamas for their 30th anniversary, I decided to pay for this one. Well, I have no money, and my credit card is in the negatives, I couldn't afford it. SO my dad bought it on his and I have to pay them back in installments.

☼ I passed my course. I got a 68%, but whatever a pass is a pass.

☼ I now have the great job of trying to find summer camps for baby for the summer. She likes dancing and singing and swimming. She's into the arts. There's no dance camps in our region and the swimming classes start at SwimKids 4. She's a SwimKids 1.

☼ I went to a martini bar and didn't drink any martini's. In fact, I was baited out with a big wine glass while everyone had martini glasses. Same when I went clubbing, I had a big red plastic cup and everyone else had clear plastic clubs.
*Hello, my name is llleeesssaaa and I don't drink!!!!!!!*

☼ Baby wants to invite the bully from the beginning of the year to her birthday party. I guess it's good that's they're over they're differences. If she want it, she gets it.

That's it.

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Tru said...

hahaha lesbian ... since when you dont drink?