Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Now, don't go getting any ideas.........

you see i loved hard once
but the love wasn't returned
i found out the man i'd die for he wasn't even concerned
in time it turned
he tried to burn me like a perm
though my eyes saw the deception, my heart wouldn't let me learn
For, some dumb woman was I
and every time he'd lie
he would cry and inside i'd die
my heart must have died a thousand deaths
compared myself to Toni Braxton thought I'd never catch my breath
nothing left, he stole the heart beating from my chest
i tried to call the cops that type of theif they can't arrest
pain suppressed will lead to cardiac arrest
diamonds deserve diamonds but he convinced me I was worth less
when my peoples would protest
i told 'em mind they business 'cause my shit was complex
more than just the sex
i was blessed but couldn't feel it like when i was caressed
i'd spend nights clutchin my breast overwhelmed by god's test
i was god's best, contemplatin death because you left
but no man is ever worth a paradise manifest

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newer said...

Um. . .is this a song?