Sunday, October 11, 2009


Dananananana, dananananana, clapclapclapclap.

I went to Ocktoberfest yesterday. It consisted of eating really gross sausages with saukrate and drinking beer. I was fasting so I had the luxury of eating popcorn and beer nuts. Because I was dd too, I got a nifty sticker that got me access to unlimited free soda and juice (BONUS!!!!). The highlight of my night (other than seeing one of my cousins drunk out of her pants thanking all civil servants for their duties) was seeing these great masses of people doing the chicken dance. If you don't know what it is, YouTube it. Just all these people in sync. It was interesting. That will be my most memorable memory of my first Oktoberfest.


newer said...

Are you gonna go to Scotchtoberfest :)

MoniqueB06 said...

Why r u always dd for everyone?

leeesssaaa said...

Yes, I did go to Octoberfest and it was inneresting.

I was dd this time, b/c I was fasting. Also, I always have to drive most of the times anyways, it just makes sense.