Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Everybody's cool, but

Y’all. Just. ain’t. Me.

Word Vomit:
• Still at ends with BabyGirl’s teacher. Mo, you don’t know how envious I am of you right now. Especially with the historical reading that you guys are doing. I have BabyGirl doing some extra curricular learning too, but now I feel like a slave driver, b/c of all the extra work she’s doing. Ughhhh
• Weather’s turning out to be a-ok.
• Mo, email me at work. I don’t really respond to my personal email that much anymore, my phone is broken and I’m never online at home
• P.S My stinkin’ iphone is broken. Damn waste of space and time.
• Still as single as ever. But you know what I’ve noticed, between family and friends and extracurricular activities (including sleeping and eating), I really don’t have any extra time to maintain a relationship.
• Party planning is turning out to be great. I want to do this stuff full time!!
• Trying to plan out summer vacation this year, the only thing I’m sure of it the amount of time, I DON’T have for vacation.
• BabyGirl is a ninja Princess
• Daddy’s gone a trip and not coming back until next week. As long as he brings back goodies, I’m content!
• There are you happy now John?!?!!?!?


Moniksca said...

Would love to email if I had your work email, pass it along please.
Can you be a ninja and a princess? wouldn't all the fighting mess up the dresses?

newer said...

Damn, you're phone broke - that sucks! And trust girl, single ain't so bad when you're divorcing o_O OYE :P