Friday, March 12, 2010

All I want to do is please you

Please myself by living my life too……………

My review on the Element of Freedom Tour:

First of all, let me say that on the way there I was muchos excited to be getting street meat as I live in a suburb and they do have street meat, but it’s hella expensive and doesn’t quite cut it. Meli ended getting me a spicy Italian sausage (holla!) and I was going to get to indulge in more than one luxury tonight. Yay!! Turns out the sausage was bad!!! I feel like I’m going to gag right now actually just thinking about it. Boo!! Turned me off of street meat for I don’t know how long at this point.
I digress.
We then get inside and Meli makes a beeline for the cotton candy and popcorn. She is now ready to endure Melanie Fiona and Robin Thicke while waiting for Alicia Keys. Meli convinces me to get something to eat, b/c I usually eat supper when I get home from work, but today had to rush out of the house after taking a quick shower and changing up. Yes, I did put on make up too. So I got some Nachos and Cheese to get past Melanie Fiona. Do you know that extra cheese or salsa or jalapeno cost $1 each!! WTF!!! I asked the cashier why was it that expensive (b/c at the movies you can get them for free), she said it was b/c we had to pay for the little containers. Hi, for the retail value of those tickets, we could’ve bought 120 boxes of the containers!!
Anyways, I digress again. Do you see how easy it is for me to get distracted when there’s food involved? I ♥ food.
Opening Act was Melanie Fiona. I don’t really follow her, so I didn’t know the songs. Her first song had an intro of the “bang bang” song. I liked that song from Kill Bill. But everything else was kind of meh. She tried to get the crowd involved, but I guess no one was really into it. I felt kind of bad for her, b/c she was in her home town. Actually, the crowd didn’t get hyped up until Kardinal Offishall just came out to make an appearance. I think he got more of a round of applause than Melanie did for her whole set! Interesting fact, I found out Melanie Fiona was Guyanese and she was waving her Canadian Flag! Haha. I’ll post some pics of it later.
Second Act was Robin Thicke. I don’t even know where to start. Everything about Robin Thicke’s act was wonderful. He danced, he sang, he enticed the concert goers. He missed a couple of high notes that he got on the CD, but I guess live singing didn’t really work to well, and there are no do overs. He came out wearing sunglasses and I have things about people who wear sunglasses at night or indoors in which case the concert was both, unless medically required and I’m assuming they weren’t, because after the first song, they came off. Meli was expecting more of the crooning, but he was all over the stage. He tried to get the crowd involved too by clapping and putting their hands up, but not many people were that interested again, I guess. Mind you, I loooovovvveeee Robin Thicke, but even I didn’t even participate. He did however, have a red baby grand that he absolutely seduced (along with most of the females that populated the concert, so 99.8% of the crowd). I will post some more pics of that later too. Meli actually got a video of him dancing which was cute. Not sexy, but cute. I will try to post that later. I am and forever will be a Robin Thicke fan. Plus he sang “A milli”…..well, rapped it. We have that on video too.
The Main Act was Alicia Keys. She came out singing in a cage. That was kind of wicked. She tried to incorporate more dancers in this show than the last one. Come to think of it, I don't think she had any dancers in the last tour. I have to admit I was a little surprised. She's very talented, but I wouldn't necessarily think that dancing for her forte. If I wanted to see dancing, I would watch a music video though. I didn't really care for it. She sounded like she had a cold or sore throat. SHe kept drinking her water, it looked like her throat was getting dry alot. I still thought she sang exceptionally, she has so much talent especially when she sang any song with the piano and when she did "Sleeping with a Broken Heart", she did everything herself for that song. I really wish there was more emphasis on her and her music though. To me, she looked like she was trying to be Beyonce. And you already know I can't stand Beyonce. Please, oh, please just let her stay a positive role model for the simple fact that she has musical talent, she's female and she wears clothes!! She doesn't just gyrate around the stage. Please don't let her be trying to change her reputation.
But that's how I saw it.
On the way out, Meli got her foot run over by a woman carrying one of those really big trashcans. It was funny to watch her waddle and limp and the same time, lol. But when she got home, she told me that she was bleeding. Not so funny.

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All. Kinds. Of. AWESOME!!

Have no idea who the Guyanese chick is, never heard of her. Robin Thicke and Alicia Keys!! Must see pics soon :P