Monday, November 2, 2009

No, I'm not a Jonas

Brother, I'm a grown up.

I was watching one of my teen angsty shows and one of the young lovers confessed that he cheated on their relationship. This got me thinking; is confessing really good for the confeser or the confesee?? Is it good for anyone. They say ignorance is bliss, and I kind of believe it.
It can be applied to any situation actually, if you think about it; confessing to cheating, stealing or lying, etc. You know, all 10 of the commandments, basically.
So if confessing against a sin, the confessor is the one that is ridding themselves of burden, right? I mean, they are getting it off their chest, they are the ones clearing their conscience.
Now they've gone and out all this pressure onto the confessee. They could've thought that maybe thier relationship wasn't in the best place necessarily, but now they know that their trust in the confessor has been thrown away. Or has it? I mean, yeah, the confessor did break a rule, but they fessed up. That's worth something, right?
Then there's the other scenario, where the confessor doesn't confess but gets caught later on. Is that better? They were trying to save that burden from the confessee and keep it to themselves and something they will live with forever, and it in turns ends up backfiring, because it looks like they are now a liar.
I don't know what would be better, honestly.
I just know that if that was me, I wouldn't fess up. I would take that to the grave with me.
Deny, deny, deny........

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