Thursday, November 5, 2009

You try to scream

but terror takes the sound before you make it.

I'm home by myself and Gary just visited me again.

Gary (as named by John) is the ghost that lives in my house. I'm not sure if it is a girl or a boy. I'm not even sure if it's only one. I myself has seen the woman and I've heard the man speak. My mom has seen the little boy and my sister has encountered the male. Neekee had encountered one as well.
When we first moved in, there was an urn in the linen closet and my mom got rid of it. Every year since, right around Halloween (which usually coincides with a religious time for us Hindu's, where we pay homage and respect to the dead) this house gets visited. Now, I've never claimed to be religious in any means, but usually after these visits my mother will do this cleansing of the house and the ghosts won't come again until the next year.
He/She/It has contacted, yes, but has never been violent, which i'm grateful for. If they became violent, I would encourage my parents to sell the house.
But so far, all I really do is lose sleep.


Infiniti said...

Knock.....Knock......Knock......................Are you sleeping..............wake up it's Gary.......Bawahahahahahaha

Moniksca said...

Did I mention that I never plan on visiting .your house again

Infiniti said...

If you don't up-date your "blogg" soon, I'll call Gary my self!

Up date your blogg please :)