Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's only half past the point of no return

I had a fun filled weekend (pics posted once Meli uploads them). However, when we got back last night, I got a pleasant (sarcasm) surprise. My motherfricking license was suspended!!! I know that I have no one to blame but myself, but I still think that it's too harsh a penalty. I mean, yes, I did get it in August (August 28 to be exact, it was Seria's orientation, that's why I remember), and yes, they did send me a reminder in November to pay it, with no extra charge. But I mean, shouldn't I have to pay when I try to renew my license plate, or my actual license or something?? But no, they frickking suspended my license. I feel like a cripple. No access to anything and i'm a bum. I have to ask for rides and I feel awful (mind you not as awful as I would if I would have to bus it, though, luv ya Meli and John aka taxi Spanjevic's :D). And right before Christmas too.
But I have another theory as to why I got this way tooo strict penalty. Remember, this guy, well to elobaorate more (for you Nikki) we were supposed to go for coffee, I forget the exact day, but lets just say here on a Thursday. Well, we agreed to meet at a coffee house maybe 10 minutes away from my house and from where I got my ticket. He was supposed to call when he got off work at 6pm. Well, I rec'd no phone on the agreed day of meeting. Well, whatever, I don't care if you are a cop or not, I don't deal w/ bullshit. Unless you're Officer Looking-Good-but-probably-married-and-somewhat-psycho-but-nonetheless-drop-dead-gorgeous. But then, I get a phone call about a month and a half later w/a message saying that he was away on training w/o access to his phone, which he lost, but through "some miracle of technology" he was able to find it. More bullshit. Whatever, no returned phone call made. I think that maybe he pulled some strings and he's teaching my a lesson. I know, i'm thinking very highly of myself, that he would go through all this trouble just b/c I didn't return his phone call, but meh....it's justa theory. So, sorry guys, won't be seeing you're unless I can walk to your place or you're willing to pick me up.


Meli said...

Working on the picutres.

I doubt he would go through all that just to get back at you. I think that it is a new initiative to get people to pay their tickets.

On the bright side you can stay home and clean now.


newer said...

Jerk. . .wtf??!! when will you get your licence now? That so sucks, I feel for you girl.

leeesssaaa said...

Well, I got it right after my 4 days. You know I need my car, I can't function w/o it. I'm just hoping that my insurance won't go up