Friday, January 9, 2009

If heaven had a height, you would be that tall

So someone (who's opinion of me is very important, which is not normal, because I could usually care less wether you liked me or not) told me today that I lack confidence. Now, i'm not sure what to make of that. Most people know me as having too much confidence and basically being full of myself.
Now, I really need to set forth a good first impresion here, so I have a question, how does one fake confidence??
I know that am I defiantely not confident. True, it's portrayed that most of the time I have myself together and I know what I what. But i'll let you in on a little secret. I absolutely, postively, 100%, am not sure of anything in my life other than my love for my baby. Ok, so maybe it's only 98% of total and utter chaos that I call my life. I know when I need to get something done, I do it. But other than that, which actually happens quite often, I let life go it's course w/o really influencing it too much.
How can I portray this 'grab life by the horns and guide myself to where I want to be' to people looking and expecting something from me?

Peace Out


Meli said...

I like the blue, one eyed thing. I shall name him Marvin and he will be my friend.

Now on to your question - look people in the eye, speak in a clear voice and no matter what BS you are spewing say it like you mean it even if you don't. That should have people fooled.

leeesssaaa said...

his name is b.o.b.

it stands for somehting but i forgot what