Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blueprints in my pink ipod

Black diamonds in my hey-seus piece, my God!
(Not really, more like in my Krishna piece)
I'm at a loss. I bought a strapless dress and it's a little short for the wedding this weekend. Now it's going to be cold and I don't have a sweater or coverup to wear with it. What do you suggest??

Please see below my dress and shoes, except my dress doesn't have that green belt, it's black, and the shoes are black sequenced.


Monique said...

cute dress, you should a black shawl or dressy jacket, very nice, I like.

newer said...

That's really nice. Shaunette bought the exact same dress to wear to a wedding she went to and it looked great! As long as you're inside most of the time. . .it shouldn't be too bad :)

leeesssaaa said...

Thanks Chicks!!

And it has pockets!!!

Yea, we'll be inside, but you know with AC and stuff, it's usually pretty cool in the halls.

Tru said...

pashmina! and you'll always have it to use again

Tru said...

you're wearing a black dress w black flats to a wedding? that much fun huh? where's the pop of color? where's the pink heels?