Monday, September 14, 2009

The world is filled with 'em

Morons, idiots, jackasses, and assholes. Whatever you want to call them, unfortunately, the world is filled with them.

Some examples are:

1. Caster Semenya. She is not the idiot though. She is victim of such people who, unfortunately for her, head the IAAF. She is also a runner competing to be in the Olympics. Her story is that she (and yes I said she) was born a hamophrodite. However, she didn't know and no one in her family knew. To train as a female runner, there are instances where girls don't get their periods at all, and she was athletic, so she had a runners body; very slim and muscular, almost no breasts. Hell, I'm not a runner and I have no breasts. Anyways, unbeknownst it to ANYONE, she has no female reproductive organs and internal male testicles. Now, in her last race, she blew the competition out of the dust and that caused some jealousy with the other runners. They wanted proof that she was a female. They claimed that she was a man racing as a female to win some medals. So she went for testing, and low and behold the results came out that she was a hemaphrodite. But she didn't get the results first hand. No, it was PUBLISHED IN AN AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPER before she even knew!!!! Before her family even knew!!! Now this poor girl has to deal with all the bs since she has been outed before she even knew. It was said that she's under suicide watch. My heart goes out to her.

2. Kanye West is a jackass. 'Nuff said.

3. My cousin is getting married this weekend. Now, we've been to weddings where they've seated people to keep the whole family together, or to keep the adults together, but the cousins (if you will) sat together, and even where they split up everyone, so that there are new people sitting with new people but they always kept Meli and I together. Now for this cousins wedding, they've decided to sit the single people together and the married people together then, I guess. So Baby and I am sitting with my cousins (I think), and Meli and my parents are sitting together with my aunt and Grandma. Why the f*ck would you seperate it to sit like that?!?! I want to broadcast my single mommy hood?!?! I am soo desperate to be hooked up with someone?!??! Well, I am, but you don't need to share my business like that man........


newer said...

That's retarded, you ALWAYS seat a family together. . .honestly, if it was me. . .I would just go sit with my family and tell other people to move. If anyone said anything I'd be kissing my teeth. Better yet, call up the family and make them change your seating before the wedding!!!

leeesssaaa said...

You know?? ow you know what kinds of idiots are in my family. But that's the thing though, all of my family is on the other table, we can't even move anyone. I will be making a scene, believe that.