Monday, August 3, 2009

I wish that my goods

outweighed my bads enough

Some highlights of my fun filled Caribana weekend (in no particular order):

  • Tornadoes in the city!!!
  • Delayed flight of almost 3 hours
  • Yummy, yummy, bloody steaks
  • Arriving into Canada at 4:30 am
  • Scalping tickets
  • "you could have really sold these tickets for $60 and made a profit"
  • text: "Ok, i've arrived, finally"
    text back: "ok, they're half an hour away. More hurry up and wait"
  • "when possible, make a legal u turn"
  • running around the CNE trying to make it into our sections before we crossed the stage
  • "don't worry, we won't leave you".......where are my scabiosa's!!!!
  • "is that rain???", in my all white costumes
  • too tired to walk a half an hour to the car
  • baby girl taking 200+ pics of my costume and her face
  • taking too long puting on my jewels that we arrived only with enough time to sprint
  • "you guys better hurry up" as they run by we hear "Wild roses crosses the stage".....WTH!!!
  • foam fete with no foam
  • "this is not soca"
  • "he can definately handle his alcohol"
  • "where's DD and cousin??" MIA. half an hour later DD: "Cousin's past out in the bathroom"
  • Neekeee's 10 year hiatus over!!!!
  • ♥♥♥ Juniors Cheesecake
  • boom boom badoom. "what's that noise?" "Tru fell down the stair"
  • "no Marky, you cannot eat mommy's costume"
  • "no Baby, you cannot take six breaks and come with us"
  • "get off my ass"
  • 12 missed calls from Home
  • Kev breaking into my phone!! Thanks!!!
  • Caribana highlights 2008
  • "Let's go for apple pie"
  • Apples are only in season in September!!!
  • 3 different apple orchards and all are closed
  • Bought some cherry pie instead
  • "Maybe make those piggies things say ur name"......blank stare from cashier
  • CN'z BAND OF THE YEAR!!!!!

HAHAHA, I ♥'d it!!!!

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