Monday, August 17, 2009

no fun title

Sorry, but i'm way tooooo lazy today to think of a creative title.

I loved the festivites this weekend, considering there was nothing really to celebrate. I lie, it's summer!!!

On Friday, Neekee, Meli, and I went out for Korean BBQ. Well, it was supposed to be Korean, because we were supposed to do Indian the previous weekend, but Maks wasn't feeling well, and I already had plans, so we re-scheduled. We then later decided that it would be for Neekee's bday since she would be MIA for it this year. So we went to Miga BBQ. It was sooo good. There was Japanese and Korean BBQ. So we had some sashimi (salmon, tuna, red snapper and white fish) and Korean BBQ (beef short ribs, boneless beef, spicy portk, spicy chicken, squid, shrimp and mussels). It was soooooo good. There wasn't cabbage kimchi, there was this cucumber kimchi, which was pretty good. And bean sprouts. I would definately go again.

Saturday and Sunday's was well wasted time at the beach. Oh, how I wish evey weekend, we could go to the beach.

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newer said...

Me had fun TOOOOO :) :) :) and I'm looking forward to spending everyday poolside :D